Doubleclick the WB-icon or start it from Shell. Be sure to be able to view 15kHz screens !
Then this menu appears: You can use the up and down keys or the mouse to step through the menu items and space or left mousebutton to activate a menuitem. All following menus operate like this.


Another menu appears where you can select the teams who should fight. You can use space or right key to activate a team and left key to deactive a team. You can choose up to 4 teams, but at least 2 teams. Otherwise you come back to the main menu.

Now the level will be rendered. This takes about 5 secs on a 68060, so be a bit patient if you only have a 020.

The Battle begins ...
Each team has 4 toadies with 100 energy points for each toadie. The game is played round by round. Only one toadie can move in one round. If a round is done (weapon fired, time out or something stupid happened) the next toadie of the next team can move and so on. Your aim is to kill all toadies of the other teams and survive with at last one toadie. A toadie can die three ways: Holding down the left mousebutton you can scroll through the playfield and become on overview where your enemies are. If you whish to select a weapon go down to the infobar and press left mousebutton. Then a menu of 10 weapons appears. If you press left mousebutton once again another 10 weapons/utilities appear. To reach your goal you have the following weapons:

- Bazuka
Only weapon that is unlimited availabe. You can fire a missile that causes some damage.

- Airstrike
Click where you want and this area will be bombed from the sky (your own toadies included).

- Shotgun
You can fire two times, and you can move between your shots.

- Homing Missile
Like Bazuka, but first you can mark where it should go. Powerful weapon.

- Dynamite
Place it near your enemies and run away. It has the strongest explosion of all weapons.

- Mine
Place it near your enemies or put it where your enemies should not go. It only explodes if someone comes close, like the mines that are placed at the beginning of the game. Mines canalso be moved with the shitgun or explosions, so be careful !

- Drone
A bit difficult. It is launched above you and you can accelerate it with space or shift key. With the left/right keys or x/y you can rotate it 360 degrees. Now you are able to navigate it where you want and drop it. If you can handle this weapon (it is difficult !) it is very powerful, because you can navigate to areas, where a homingmissile couldn`t go.

- Light Switch
Switches the light off until it is your turn again ;-)
After you have used this you can still move and use another weapon.

- Ninja Rope
Powerful tool to move in difficult areas. You can shoot it into the celling and drag yourself up or put it into the floor und pull you up.
(For those who know worms: you can fall in both directions if you have put it into the floor)
You can use the left and right keys to gain some speed, up and down keys to increase/decrease the length of the rope. Press Enter to go back to normal walking.
- Protection
It fires a lot of crystals above you that will protect you from missiles or other weapons. Be sure not to stand below something, as the crystals can hurt or kill your toadie very much.

- Power Punch
Good thing to kick someone into the water or into a mine.

- Cluster Bomb
Thow it ! Small explosion but out of this explosion come 5 other bombs. With the keys 1,2,3,4,5 you can set the time for exploding.

- Multilauncher
It launches a lot of fireballs at the same destination. Try it !

- Earthquake
It shakes the island and makes it sink a bit. Don`t use it too often and make sure that your own toadies are save from falling into water or don`t stand near mines ;-)

- Medipack
The toadie gains 50 point of energy but looses a move.

- Soap Bubble
The toadie gets into a soap bubble and can fly through the level using the left/right keys until he crashes, flies too high or the players presses enter.

- Digger
Switch it on and walk through walls or into the floor ...

- Flame Thrower
Good thing if an enemy-toadie is captured in a small hole where it can`t move away.

- Teleport
Click where you want and you will be teleported to this location.

- Surrender
Guess again.

Sometimes an airplane comes and drops a weapon-boost. You have to collect it with one of your toadies to boost one of your weapons. Don`t shot it, unless you want to see a big explosion.

Edit Teams

Here you can create/edit and delete teams.
You have some credits and can buy weapons. If you start a battle with this team you have all these weapons from the start. Buy them whisely ...
You can also give names for the four toadies and a name for the team. If you have finished (you should buy as much weapons as you can) save the team with the save option. If the team already exists, it will be overwritten. With the load option you can select an exisiting team, edit it and resave it. To buy/sell a weapons just use the left/right keys - that`s it.

Game Options

Here you can configure the game (sorry, changes are NOT saved)


Just some credits.


Guess what this option does !