Disclaimer NEWS:

14.08.2001 - Homepage has moved again
The Homepage has moved finally to http://toadies.hd-rec.de.
02.04.2001 - Homepage has moved
The Homepage has moved to http://toadies.online.de. Webspace was too small because it was a drawer on my big projects site http://hd-rec.de. If you are interested in MIDI/audio things you may want to have a look there (it is still under construction).
25.03.2001 - New Version 8.0 b
I did some minor changes for the Amiga Future Magazin CD release.
22.03.2001 - Updated docs & homepage
Because of many bug reports and problems I have added a known bugs & problems page. Have a look there before mailing me, maybe your problem is known an can be solved.
05.03.2001 - Version 8.0 available !
Because I did many changes I decided to jump to version 8.0. Changes:
  • now you can`t fall as deep as you like with your toadie
  • fixed some serious bugs that could crash the machine
  • added those nice bubbles when something drops into the water
  • added option to select the number of particles an explosion causes
  • sounds are a bit more dynamic, they vary randomly in their pitch
  • improved behaviour of Toadies and mines again
  • improved the edit teams option slightly
  • improved some weapons and optimized their prices
  • improved the levels again
  • new skin "Jungle"
I uploaded this to Aminet. I also found a bug in the game which causes the machine crash after some rounds. I didn`t manage to fix this as it is a bug in BlitzBasic2. I have to rewrite this command using my own assembler routine, but I haven`t had the time for this yet.
01.03.2001 - Survey at Toadies homepage
I have translated the survey of Amiga ARENA into english so you can now vote on my site.
26.02.2001 - Survey at Amiga ARENA
There is a survey at the Amiga ARENA where you can vote for this game if it should become shareware so I can put more time into this project and add a computer player for registered users.
25.02.2001 - Version 7.5 available !
Here is a new version of Toadies:
  • improved the leveleditor
  • improved heavily the behaviour of the toadies and the mines
  • added overscan option (beta)
  • improved edit team option
  • improved homing missile
  • made the flamethrower and the earthquake more fair
  • changed some prices of weapons
  • "rotating bug" is gone now
  • mine-is-invisible-after-earthquake-bug is gone now
  • new skin "cheese"
  • changed a few exisiting sounds
  • added time-out sound
  • added fieb! sound for the airstrike
  • improved mousepointer
  • fixed graphics bug in weapon menu
  • free memory check, loads low quality sounds when chipmem is low
  • enhanced the doc and this homepage (which is nearly the doc)
  • fixed tonns of small bugs
  • plus some other suff I forgot (phew!)
There are still some bugs left, so it is a good idea to reboot after playing. It also crashes sometimes during the game. Don`t run anything in the background, especially tasks which have disk access, as it disables multitasking.
18.02.2001 - New features were requested
The following features were requested:
  • computer player
    Many people ask me about a computer player. I already tried this in 1997 but they played too stupid and calculated. Because of this, I decided to remove this feature when I uploaded it to Aminet. The game should be played by 2 human players anyway, most fun it is with 3 or 4 players.
    It is a bit difficult to implement this, because the toadies need a kind of intelligence. Maybe I will implement this when I have the time, but don`t expect this feature in the near future (sorry).
  • overscan / screenmode selector
    The game engine is based on planar graphics, so it is impossible to implement things like graphicscard support without a complete rewrite. What I can do is an overscan option, which will be included in the next version.
  • better behaviour of toadies
    I know that the toadies bounce off a wall not very realitic and you can not count on that they slide down a hill into the water like it is in the real worms game. I will enhance this in the next version too.
  • run it on a A500 with 512K chip and 1 MB fast ...
    No way ! Sorry, but you can not have all these sounds, graphics, sprites and big playfields on a low spec machine. What I can do is a check for free memory and for the CPU speed to that things in option menu are predefined for your machine. It might be possible to run it on a 68020 14 Mhz CPU, 1 MB Chip and 2MB fast, maybe. This will also be included in the next version.
  • more skins ...
    OK, I will make one more skin in the next version. What about you ? See "how to make your own skins" ! Send me your skins, and I will include them in the next version.
18.02.2001 - Newspage created
Because there was so much resonance on this game I decided to make a (temporary) newspage. At this place I will write about new features and updates.