You can create new landscapes (or "skins") for all levels using a paint programm like Deluxe Paint or PPaint and saving the IFF-ILBM files into the subdirectory PATTERNS. Say you want to do a new landscape called "rocks". Then you need:

This is the basic pattern which the polygon is filled with. This has to be a pattern style image like a wallpaper on a website.
You have to use the colors that cause collision (see table 1). This image also defines the palette of the whole level. Be careful here so that the toadies and the weapons have the right color.

The upper texture of the polygon. Color 0 is transparent. Use colors that cause collision.

Same as rocks.up but for the lower side of the polygon. It overlaps 3 pixels with the background-pattern so you can use the transparent color here to have a smoother gradient.

Defines the bridge. It should behave like a pattern at the horizontal direction so that the bridge can be endlessly long. Use colors that cause collision for the floor, and other colors for things at the top of the bridge.

Some items that are randomly placed on the landscape. You can do what you like here.

More items can be added up to 10 items, just name them rocks.item<x>.

The new landscape will be detected automatically and used. Be sure to supply ALL files above, otherwise the programm crashes !!!

The palette has 5 bitplanes (32 colors). Some colors can be changed, some not.

color #collisionmay I change it ?comment
0no no (transparent)transparent, set it to black
1-6no no used for water, you may change it slightly but keep the lightest to darkest order
7-15no no used for explosions and weapons, don`t change them !
16-18yes no colors of toadies, don`t change !
19yes yesfree
20-21yes no bright and dark brown, only change slightly
22-24yes yesfree
25-27yes no for some stuff, don`t change !
28-31yes yesfree
table 1 - color definitions