8.0 b (24.03.2001)
- added a warning requester before you start the game

8.0 (05.03.2001)
- now you can`t fall as deep as you like with your toadie
- fixed some serious bugs that could crash the machine
- added those nice bubbles when something drops into the water
- added option to select the number of particles an explosion causes
- sounds are a bit more dynamic, they vary randomly in their pitch
- improved behaviour of Toadies and mines again
- improved the edit teams option slightly
- improved some weapons and optimized their prices
- improved the levels again
- new skin "Jungle"

7.5 (25.02.2001)
- fixed a bug where mines could get invisible in certain cases
- enhanced the leveleditor, can now load/save and open on WB
- added whow sound when a toadie is flying very high
- replaced all levels
- changed some prices of weapons
- rewrite of some internal functions
- added pixel dust for rockets and drones
- earthquake weapon is now much stronger then the island sinking

7.4 (21.02.2001)
- added overscan option (beta)
- improved the behaviour of the toadies and the mines
- "rotating bug" is gone now
- new skin "cheese"
- added time-out sound
- free memory check, loads low quality sounds when chipmem is low
- made the flamethrower more fair
- enhanced the doc and the homepage (which is nearly the doc)
- fixed some small bugs

7.2 (06.02.2001)
- fixed some small bugs
- now Toadies needs no assigns
- created the docs
- first Aminet release

7.1 (12.09.1997)
- created