When will a computer player be added ?
I have not the time to do this at the moment. Maybe in the future ...

Does this game run under Cybergraphix or on a PC Monitor ?
As this game makes heavily use of the Amigas custom chips like the Copper and the Blitter it is not possible to run it on a system friendly screen or even on a Cybergraphix screen without a complete rewrite. If you have a PC monitor which usually does not scan below 30kHz you will need a scandoubler module for your graphicscard.
Sorry folks !

Does it run on a A500 with 512K chip and 1 MB fast ?
No way ! Sorry, but you can not have all these sounds, graphics, sprites and big playfields on a low spec machine. I have checked this and it is not possible to run it with 1MB chip. If it runs too slow, try to disable the watereffect, rocket dust, explosion particles.

What about network/internet support ?
Nice thing, but not possible since Toadies runns OS unfriendly. I would have to rewrite nearly everthing. But then network & graphicscard support would be possible. Maybe in future versions.

Will there be more updates ?
Everything I wanted to change I did in the Version 8.0. If you mail me your suggestions or bug reports I will make more updates, otherwise I think everybody is happy with this game. Maybe I will do some bugfixes because there are still a lot of bugs in the game.

Toadies sucks !
I know. Don`t play it !