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TOADIES Copyright © 1997-2001 by Thilo Köhler

TOADIES is a freely distributable, copyrighted piece of software. You do not have to pay money to use it, and may be upload wherever you choose, but you are not allowed to sell TOADIES for profit, or include TOADIES on a disk which is sold for profit, without notifing the author (Thilo Köhler). Permission is given for TOADIES to be included on Aminet CDs and on Fred Fish CDs.

If you use TOADIES, then please consider sending in a donation of whatever you see fit (e.g. 10 DM, your software creations, etc. :-), or at least a postcard or E-Mail letting me know how you like the program. Send bug-reports/suggestions/donations to:

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