Toadies crashes !
Toadies has a serious bug which causes the machine crash if you quit the game or sometimes even during the game after a couple of rounds. Also some graphic artefacts appear during the gameplay, especially if a big explosion happened. Sorry for that, but this is a bug in BlitzBasicII itself and it takes a lot of time to fix it. Maybe in the next version. (Sorry for that !)
To increase stability it is a good idea to close all running programms like the TCP/IP stack, emailer and so on.
TOADIES DISABLES MULTITASKING. Some programms have problems if they are disabled for such a long time.

Keyboard does not work !
Try to disable MCP if installed. Toadies should work fine now. I don`t know if this is a general problem with MCP version 1.32 and lower or a special patch. I can`t reproduce this problem since I have MCP 1.33 installed and there are no problems (at least for me!).

Seriell mouse does not work !
Toadies makes no use of the OS. So everthing which needs a driver (graphicscard, soundcard, seriell mouse) is not supported.
Sorry for that too.